The latest Fiore collection of patterned tights for the fall/winter 16/17 season is mysterious and dreamy, like the beautiful night butterfly.

The Catalana motionlessly blends in with the bark of trees, and when it flies, its wings look like floating leaves. Its coloration is evocative of velvety moss, intricate Spanish lace or patchwork embroidery in shades of black, brown, even navy or purple. It is these patterns and colors, which are the theme of our winter line.

This year's edition of the Golden Line is extremely feminine and elegant, but  also comfortable, like a second skin. The patterns used are dominated by classic, timeless forms: polka-dots, stripes and bows, but we will also find more intricate floral motifs, subtle decorations, and glittering threading.

In addition to tights, this season year Fiore has also put out warm over-the-knee socks and shiny socks, which will go perfectly with pants.



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