How To Pick The Right Tights For Your Look

By Fiore USA
on December 04, 2015

How To Pick The Right Tights For Your Look

Tights are an easy and inexpensive way to add personality to any outfit. Be adventurous and wear a pair of orange luxury tights with a brown corduroy skirt. Or be simple and pair some navy blue ones with your favorite black flare dress. With one change you can completely alter your whole look.



  1. Dark colors are not only slimming but will give you a chic and streamline look. A pair of opaque black lights adds elegance to any outfit. Pair it with a festive dress to give yourself a modern edge or with a dark winter coat for that high fashion look.
  2. Matching your tights to the color of your heels will make your legs look longer. Looking for some extra length? Then add wear your best black heels with a pair of black tights to slim and extend those sexy legs.
  3. There are many different types of hosiery. They come in different finishes including matt, with a slight sheen, and shiny. A pair of matt tights are suitable for any occasion, but if you’re feeling adventurous strut a pair of sparkly ones to add flare to any outfit.
  4. Tights also have different levels of denier (weight or thickness). In the winter dish out a pair of opaque tights to keep you warm and to match the heft of thick winter clothing fabrics.
  5. Pick a pair with reinforced toes to give you extra strength and protect from runs. This will also help them from tearing because of the friction caused by walking around all day

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Three Sexy Looks for Rocking Tights this Winter

By Brian Jackson
on December 03, 2015

Three Sexy Looks for Rocking Tights this Winter

In just a couple of weeks the winter season will be upon us, and we all know what that means… changing weather, and as a result, changing fashion trends. With the dropping temperatures, over-sized sweaters, extra layers and fleece-lined coats are screaming our names. However, these bulky fashions can take a serious dip out of your sexy summer style. To avoid that, use these three tips for rocking luxury tights this winter.

1. A cool yet sophisticated day-to-night look

 Luxury Tights

This look is perfect for those Friday nights when you’re trying to dash out of work to make it in time for girl’s night at the local wine bar. Pair a sheer, black tight with a mid-thigh length skirt and a dark colored sweater. Once work is over and you’re ready to hit the town, throw on a shade of dark lipstick to completely transform your look from day-to-night.

2. With a long coat and dress for a chilly day

 Luxury Tights

For this look, you’ll need a more opaque pair of tights. First choose your dress, this will determine what color your pantyhose should be, but if you’re unsure, always go with black. Next you’ll need a long, neutral colored coat, choose one with cool angles for a more edgy look. Throw on a pair of black ankle boots and you’re ready for brunch or a day of shopping in the chilly weather.

3. For a fashionable, corporate look

 Luxury Tights

You can’t beat business wear in the winter months. There are so many options to achieve that fierce yet professional look. Start with a matching knee-length skirt and blazer set, and then throw in a pair of tights with polka dots or lace to give your look a little more personality.

Whatever look you decide to go with, don’t be afraid to rock it. Don’t let the cold temperatures get you down, because with these tips you’re sure to keep your look fresh and sexy all year long.


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The Ultimate Pantyhose Styling Guide for the Workplace

By Brian Jackson
on October 20, 2015

Wearing pantyhose in the workplace is becoming increasingly popular once again.  Fiore Direct USA offers many exclusive styles that are very appropriate for the working professional.  For those who are looking to further their career, many of these luxury nylons, stocking, and tights will help you land that new job or promotion with confidence and style.

Nude Colors for Formal Occasions


Nude-colored pantyhose are the perfect choice for more formal situations, like spending a day in court or interviewing for a new job where making the best possible first impression is crucial. Nude colors are also a good choice when our legs have an uneven consistency in skin tone, perhaps during the summer months when we are in-between tanning sessions.   Bare legs in the workplace are only appropriate if you see your female superiors going without nylons on a daily basis.

Tights for Casual Days at the Office

Tights and leggings are a more “everyday” look.  These styles should be worn on Casual Friday’s or in times when a more formal appearance is not appropriate.  In some cases, tights can even help to give a suit a more casual style.  Avoid wearing darker colored tights during the hotter months. Go for a slightly more colorful option of pastels instead.

Sheer Colors for Spring and Fall

After the sweltering summer months begin to pass, sheer pantyhose and tights offer the perfect transition into the cooler spring and autumn temperatures.  Opaque styles can still be a bit too dark for this time of year while sheer hosiery reflects a more casual appearance.  But be careful.  Some sheer styles can look almost too sexy, which may be inappropriate for a professional working environment.

Color Rules for Stockings and Pantyhose

Here are three hard-and-fast rules regarding the wearing of hosiery in the workplace:

  • Avoid white stockings completely, unless you are in the medical profession or are under 12-years of age.
  • Avoid brightly colored stockings, unless you are attending a non-work-related social function. Save these styles for the weekend.
  • Tight with patterns, like lace and fishnets, will always be considered more casual. Avoid wearing these to the office altogether.

It’s that simple.  So if you are heading out to a job interview or simply trying for a promotion at work, these style tips should help you to take your career onto a path of success with confidence.  Check out the online catalogue of Fiore Direct USA for a wide range of pantyhose styles that will be perfect for the workplace. 



5 Unusual Fashion Tricks To Keep Your Tights From Snagging

By Brian Jackson
on September 10, 2015

Fall is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time of year to begin buying your favorite pantyhose, nylons, and tights. They will be sure to keep your legs warm. If you are like many fashionistas, last year’s stockings are likely filled with runs and snags. So how do we keep this expensive legwear in tip-top condition? Here are a five simple fashion tricks.

1. Apply hand cream.

By applying some of your favorite lotion, before putting on your stockings, your hands will remain silky smooth and your tights will last a great deal longer. Hand cream helps to smooth the rough patches of skin that can easily catch on the delicate fibers of the pantyhose and cause them to snag so easily. This tip is incredibly helpful for those styles that have difficulty recovering from pantyhose runs.

 2. Repair them with nail polish.

For those extra special pairs of stockings that you simply can’t live without, try applying a smooth coat of clear nail polish at the first sign of a snag or run. Simply apply a thin layer at the beginning and end of the snag. This home remedy stops pantyhose runs in their tracks.

3. Get a manicure.

Or at least be mindful of hangnails. Applying hand cream on a regular basis helps a great deal, but it doesn’t always work for people who wash their hands continuously throughout the day, like restaurant workers or medical personnel. Give your hands the once-over every night before bedtime, using cuticle scissors to rid the hands of hangnails at the very first signs.

4. Use a mesh bag to wash your stockings.

Pantyhose are too delicate to survive the swirling and tumbling of your typical clothes dryer. Instead, place your stockings, tights, and pantyhose into a mesh bag. Use laundry detergent specifically designed for delicates. And always be sure to use the gentle cycle for the best possible results. Even when taking all of these extra precautions, some can only survive by being hand washed.

5. Wear footies or socks.

Those little footies that you wear with your summer flats can be a true lifesaver when it comes to your delicate hosiery. By wearing these tiny, no-show socks between the foot and the pantyhose, you reduce the risk of your toes accidentally breaking through the very delicate fibers.

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