4 ‘False’ Facts about Pantyhose

By Brian Jackson
on November 09, 2015

4 ‘False’ Facts about Pantyhose

There are many false facts and misunderstood myths surrounding pantyhose. In fact, you’ve probably heard most of them already.   But many women are missing a marvelous opportunity to enhance their wardrobe. Let’s talk about some of the most popular false facts, and try to debunk the myths.

False Fact #1

The very first false fact is that pantyhose tend to be too tight and restrictive. This is completely untrue. When we buy pantyhose that fit properly, they conform naturally and comfortably to the leg. It is only when we wear the wrong sizes of hosiery that we can begin to experience bunching and discomfort.  In fact, the pantyhose should perfectly take the shape of the leg so that we don’t even notice that we are wearing them.

False Fact #2

Another common false fact is that pantyhose should be purchased in a smaller size to avoid the potential stretching that comes with everyday wear. While pantyhose will stretch to conform to the curves of the leg, they will also shrink back to the original size after we wear them. Buying a smaller size will only result in the pantyhose becoming overly stretched, which leads to bunching and further damage to the hosiery over time. Choosing pantyhose in the proper size is essential.

False Fact #3

The third false fact is pantyhose are too hot to wear in the summertime. This simply isn’t true either! Pantyhose are usually constructed from very breathable materials that are also resistant to heat. Going back to the earlier myth, women shouldn’t feel the pantyhose on their legs at all—even during the summer. Wearing pantyhose of lighter colors is a safe choice, but even dark colors rarely pose any comfort problems when purchased in the proper size.

False Fact #4

Many women mistaken assume that pantyhose made with Lycra are more expensive. This is not always the case. Prices of Lycra pantyhose depend on the associated production costs of the individual manufacturer, just like any other product or service. You just have to know where to shop. For luxurious pantyhose in a variety of different styles and colors, Fiore Direct USA offers the widest selection from European designers while always at very affordable prices.

The Ultimate Pantyhose Styling Guide for the Workplace

By Brian Jackson
on October 20, 2015

Wearing pantyhose in the workplace is becoming increasingly popular once again.  Fiore Direct USA offers many exclusive styles that are very appropriate for the working professional.  For those who are looking to further their career, many of these luxury nylons, stocking, and tights will help you land that new job or promotion with confidence and style.

Nude Colors for Formal Occasions


Nude-colored pantyhose are the perfect choice for more formal situations, like spending a day in court or interviewing for a new job where making the best possible first impression is crucial. Nude colors are also a good choice when our legs have an uneven consistency in skin tone, perhaps during the summer months when we are in-between tanning sessions.   Bare legs in the workplace are only appropriate if you see your female superiors going without nylons on a daily basis.

Tights for Casual Days at the Office

Tights and leggings are a more “everyday” look.  These styles should be worn on Casual Friday’s or in times when a more formal appearance is not appropriate.  In some cases, tights can even help to give a suit a more casual style.  Avoid wearing darker colored tights during the hotter months. Go for a slightly more colorful option of pastels instead.

Sheer Colors for Spring and Fall

After the sweltering summer months begin to pass, sheer pantyhose and tights offer the perfect transition into the cooler spring and autumn temperatures.  Opaque styles can still be a bit too dark for this time of year while sheer hosiery reflects a more casual appearance.  But be careful.  Some sheer styles can look almost too sexy, which may be inappropriate for a professional working environment.

Color Rules for Stockings and Pantyhose

Here are three hard-and-fast rules regarding the wearing of hosiery in the workplace:

  • Avoid white stockings completely, unless you are in the medical profession or are under 12-years of age.
  • Avoid brightly colored stockings, unless you are attending a non-work-related social function. Save these styles for the weekend.
  • Tight with patterns, like lace and fishnets, will always be considered more casual. Avoid wearing these to the office altogether.

It’s that simple.  So if you are heading out to a job interview or simply trying for a promotion at work, these style tips should help you to take your career onto a path of success with confidence.  Check out the online catalogue of Fiore Direct USA for a wide range of pantyhose styles that will be perfect for the workplace. 



The Evolution of Pantyhose from the 1920's to 2016

By Brian Jackson
on September 28, 2015

Pantyhose are making a remarkable comeback this season, returning to the fashion runways of top designers around the world. From the 1920’s through every generation into 2016, the nylon stocking has undergone some rather dramatic transformations. Here is a brief look into the history of pantyhose over the decades.

The 1920’s - Synthetic Fashions

Hundreds of years ago, men were more often seen wearing stockings than women. But in the 1800’s, men started transitioning to trousers, and synthetic stockings quickly became the standard fashion accessory for women.

The 1940’s - Sexy Nylons

The nylon stocking was a huge hit for women in the 1940’s. The sexy seam running up the back of the leg drew the attention of the men as well. The first pair of nylons came on the market in 1940, with nearly 800,000 pairs purchased on the very first day that they were introduced.

Wartime America - No More Nylons

During World War II, women had to go without. Nylon was a much cherished natural resource that was strictly rationed and used for solely for the manufacturing of wartime materials, like ropes, parachutes, and rubber tires.

The 1950’s – Fashionable Fishnets and Lovely Lycra

Although fishnet stockings had been around since the 1930’s, they were usually only worn by those in the entertainment industries of stage and screen. In the mid-fifties, Lycra was invented. Before long, manufacturers of pantyhose discovered that the combination of Lycra and nylon produces a more stretchable material. Stockings fit more snuggly, and the nylon seam all but disappeared from the fashion industry.

The 1960’s – Trendy Tights

As the hemlines of skirts rose higher and higher, one-piece tights became all the rage. World-famous fashion model, Twiggy, made these new leggings extremely popular for women of the day.

The 1970’s – Flower Power

Tights were still in fashion, but by the 1970’s we were seeing a variety of colorful floral prints and other patterns designed to help women express their individuality. Top designers around the world began experimenting with all sort of intriguing styles. Career-minded women began transitioning to nude-colored options at this time.

The 1980’s - Royal Fashion

Princess Diana enters the scene in the early part of this decade. Her Royal Highness often made the news by wearing black tights with delicate seams under a couture cocktail dress or pairing blue tights with a fashionable skirt suit. Tights remained popular well into the 1990’s.

The 2000’s – Opaque Trends

Black opaque tights, leggings, and pantyhose made a huge entrance onto the fashion scene at the dawn of the new Millennium. Other colors quickly became popular as well, but the warm and durable black styles remained in fashion for much of the entire decade.

2016 and beyond!

Today, nylon stocking and pantyhose are making a huge comeback in nearly every form and style. From classic stockings with delicate seams to nude-colored options from decades past, nothing is off-limits these days. Pantyhose is now, once again, seen as the must-have fashion accessory to complete any vintage outfit.

5 Unusual Fashion Tricks To Keep Your Tights From Snagging

By Brian Jackson
on September 10, 2015

Fall is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time of year to begin buying your favorite pantyhose, nylons, and tights. They will be sure to keep your legs warm. If you are like many fashionistas, last year’s stockings are likely filled with runs and snags. So how do we keep this expensive legwear in tip-top condition? Here are a five simple fashion tricks.

1. Apply hand cream.

By applying some of your favorite lotion, before putting on your stockings, your hands will remain silky smooth and your tights will last a great deal longer. Hand cream helps to smooth the rough patches of skin that can easily catch on the delicate fibers of the pantyhose and cause them to snag so easily. This tip is incredibly helpful for those styles that have difficulty recovering from pantyhose runs.

 2. Repair them with nail polish.

For those extra special pairs of stockings that you simply can’t live without, try applying a smooth coat of clear nail polish at the first sign of a snag or run. Simply apply a thin layer at the beginning and end of the snag. This home remedy stops pantyhose runs in their tracks.

3. Get a manicure.

Or at least be mindful of hangnails. Applying hand cream on a regular basis helps a great deal, but it doesn’t always work for people who wash their hands continuously throughout the day, like restaurant workers or medical personnel. Give your hands the once-over every night before bedtime, using cuticle scissors to rid the hands of hangnails at the very first signs.

4. Use a mesh bag to wash your stockings.

Pantyhose are too delicate to survive the swirling and tumbling of your typical clothes dryer. Instead, place your stockings, tights, and pantyhose into a mesh bag. Use laundry detergent specifically designed for delicates. And always be sure to use the gentle cycle for the best possible results. Even when taking all of these extra precautions, some can only survive by being hand washed.

5. Wear footies or socks.

Those little footies that you wear with your summer flats can be a true lifesaver when it comes to your delicate hosiery. By wearing these tiny, no-show socks between the foot and the pantyhose, you reduce the risk of your toes accidentally breaking through the very delicate fibers.

Why Are Pantyhose Popping Up On The World's Hottest Runways?

By Social Fiore
on August 28, 2015


Pantyhose in nude colors are making a huge comeback on the fashion runways around the world. The old adage seems to be true: everything old is new again.   So the next time you’re considering tossing out those out-of-date fashion trends hanging in your closet, you might want to hang on to them for a couple of decades. Retro designs always come back in style eventually.

Pantyhose from “across the pond”

Who is responsible for this surge in popularity of nylon attire? The UK’s Kate Middleton may be partially to blame. The Royal Beauty is often photographed wearing nude hosiery underneath one of her many elegant dresses. And who are we to argue with the future Queen of England? Even ABC News is jumping on-board the British Bandwagon of Nylon. This 80’s fashion trend is more popular than ever, and we have the facts to prove it.

ABC News and pantyhose

According to an ABC report, the global public immediately began to take notice of everything that young Kate wore from the very instant that she became engaged to Prince William. Since Kate is a fan of nylon stockings, hosiery sales immediately began to skyrocket around the world, especially in the United States and her home country of Mother England. In the years that follow, pantyhose sales are up an astonishing 85 percent and still climbing.

Kanye West and pantyhose

Now that’s a lot of nylon! Fashion designers are taking notice, and we are now witnessing supermodels wearing this delicate legwear on runways from New York to Paris. In fact, the Kanye West 2015 Collection features nylon-clad divas wearing flesh-toned bodysuits paired with oversize jackets and sweaters. Department stores are also anxious to cash-in on this reinvigorated trend by offering more styles and colors, too.


The possible pitfalls of pantyhose

With so many famous celebrities now sporting this revamped legwear, you might want to head to fioredirectusa.com and pick up a few pairs. But we should also caution the younger generation about wearing these types of stockings. Put them on gently because nylons tend to run and snag very easily. Even the Duchess of Cambridge has likely ruined more than a few pair in her day, to be sure.

Spring and summer pantyhose

By Brian Jackson
on April 21, 2015

In this post we are going to talk about all the perks about wearing pantyhose during spring and summer days. Normally, during warmer days women try to avoid wearing hosiery but is that really necessary and a negative thing?

Firstly, it is important to know that if you are wearing pantyhose that are between 8 and 20 den and are in tan color they will give your legs that amazing tan look and it will look like you spent weeks on the beach. You are able to camouflage your white legs and avoid self tanning creams or sprays that normally leave uneven coverage. Not only that, wearing pantyhose will give your legs that nice shine that shows only when you are walking in the sun.

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