Ladders are a thing of the past.

How would you describe your perfect pair of tights? Would they not just be ladder resistant, but 100% ladder proof and be able to withstand anything life throws at them?

Would they be beautifully seamless for a smooth and soft outline? Maybe they would come in a range of patterns to suit every occasion, climate and mood.

Or perhaps you just want tights to fit perfectly and comfortably. No matter what your shape or size, Couture Ultimates believe the perfect tights should be all of these wonderful things, which is why Ultimates were created. 

Their tights are absolutely unique, not knitted on a conventional hosiery machine but on machines where every needle has its own thread -- meaning that ladders are a thing of the past.

With superior fit and compression, ultimates offer light control to enhance and shape your silhouette.

You may have just found, your perfect tights. Couture Ultimates, seamless, ladder proof and beautiful.


Products from Couture Ultimates' beautiful collection is available for purchase.