Tights are an easy and inexpensive way to add personality to any outfit. Be adventurous and wear a pair of orange luxury tights with a brown corduroy skirt. Or be simple and pair some navy blue ones with your favorite black flare dress. With one change you can completely alter your whole look.



  1. Dark colors are not only slimming but will give you a chic and streamline look. A pair of opaque black lights adds elegance to any outfit. Pair it with a festive dress to give yourself a modern edge or with a dark winter coat for that high fashion look.
  2. Matching your tights to the color of your heels will make your legs look longer. Looking for some extra length? Then add wear your best black heels with a pair of black tights to slim and extend those sexy legs.
  3. There are many different types of hosiery. They come in different finishes including matt, with a slight sheen, and shiny. A pair of matt tights are suitable for any occasion, but if you’re feeling adventurous strut a pair of sparkly ones to add flare to any outfit.
  4. Tights also have different levels of denier (weight or thickness). In the winter dish out a pair of opaque tights to keep you warm and to match the heft of thick winter clothing fabrics.
  5. Pick a pair with reinforced toes to give you extra strength and protect from runs. This will also help them from tearing because of the friction caused by walking around all day

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