There are many false facts and misunderstood myths surrounding pantyhose. In fact, you’ve probably heard most of them already.   But many women are missing a marvelous opportunity to enhance their wardrobe. Let’s talk about some of the most popular false facts, and try to debunk the myths.

False Fact #1

The very first false fact is that pantyhose tend to be too tight and restrictive. This is completely untrue. When we buy pantyhose that fit properly, they conform naturally and comfortably to the leg. It is only when we wear the wrong sizes of hosiery that we can begin to experience bunching and discomfort.  In fact, the pantyhose should perfectly take the shape of the leg so that we don’t even notice that we are wearing them.

False Fact #2

Another common false fact is that pantyhose should be purchased in a smaller size to avoid the potential stretching that comes with everyday wear. While pantyhose will stretch to conform to the curves of the leg, they will also shrink back to the original size after we wear them. Buying a smaller size will only result in the pantyhose becoming overly stretched, which leads to bunching and further damage to the hosiery over time. Choosing pantyhose in the proper size is essential.

False Fact #3

The third false fact is pantyhose are too hot to wear in the summertime. This simply isn’t true either! Pantyhose are usually constructed from very breathable materials that are also resistant to heat. Going back to the earlier myth, women shouldn’t feel the pantyhose on their legs at all—even during the summer. Wearing pantyhose of lighter colors is a safe choice, but even dark colors rarely pose any comfort problems when purchased in the proper size.

False Fact #4

Many women mistaken assume that pantyhose made with Lycra are more expensive. This is not always the case. Prices of Lycra pantyhose depend on the associated production costs of the individual manufacturer, just like any other product or service. You just have to know where to shop. For luxurious pantyhose in a variety of different styles and colors, Fiore Direct USA offers the widest selection from European designers while always at very affordable prices.