Pantyhose in nude colors are making a huge comeback on the fashion runways around the world. The old adage seems to be true: everything old is new again.   So the next time you’re considering tossing out those out-of-date fashion trends hanging in your closet, you might want to hang on to them for a couple of decades. Retro designs always come back in style eventually.

Pantyhose from “across the pond”

Who is responsible for this surge in popularity of nylon attire? The UK’s Kate Middleton may be partially to blame. The Royal Beauty is often photographed wearing nude hosiery underneath one of her many elegant dresses. And who are we to argue with the future Queen of England? Even ABC News is jumping on-board the British Bandwagon of Nylon. This 80’s fashion trend is more popular than ever, and we have the facts to prove it.

ABC News and pantyhose

According to an ABC report, the global public immediately began to take notice of everything that young Kate wore from the very instant that she became engaged to Prince William. Since Kate is a fan of nylon stockings, hosiery sales immediately began to skyrocket around the world, especially in the United States and her home country of Mother England. In the years that follow, pantyhose sales are up an astonishing 85 percent and still climbing.

Kanye West and pantyhose

Now that’s a lot of nylon! Fashion designers are taking notice, and we are now witnessing supermodels wearing this delicate legwear on runways from New York to Paris. In fact, the Kanye West 2015 Collection features nylon-clad divas wearing flesh-toned bodysuits paired with oversize jackets and sweaters. Department stores are also anxious to cash-in on this reinvigorated trend by offering more styles and colors, too.


The possible pitfalls of pantyhose

With so many famous celebrities now sporting this revamped legwear, you might want to head to and pick up a few pairs. But we should also caution the younger generation about wearing these types of stockings. Put them on gently because nylons tend to run and snag very easily. Even the Duchess of Cambridge has likely ruined more than a few pair in her day, to be sure.