Yanking on a pair of pantyhose/tights in the morning before heading work in order to cover up the fact you haven’t shaved seems simple enough right? Wrong. There are many mistakes women make when choosing/wearing/maintaining pantyhose and they are all easily avoidable.

We have created a short list of tips to bear in mind for you pantyhose wearers:

  • Get the Right Size
    This seems simple enough but you would not believe the amount of people who get this wrong. Getting the right size is vital not only for looking good but also for avoiding tearing them. If the tights are too small, they will rip when you put them on and if they’re too big, they will catch and snag on things easily. Make sure your size is right in order to keep your pantyhose in good condition for as long as you can.  Check out our pantyhose sizing chart here
  • If You’re Going Nude, Make Sure it’s Your Skin Color
    Again, this seems simple but a lot of women don’t pay too much attention when they pick up a nude pair that seems vaguely their skin color. Much like foundation, matching your pantyhose to your skin is really important for them to look good. If you go too light or too dark, your legs will not only look unnatural, they will look a bit weird - not what you want!
  • Get Good Quality
    Buy the best you can afford. This way, they will not tear, rip, ladder and thus will last a long time. The best quality collections also don’t bobble or look cheap. Pantyhose are supposed to look classy. Our pantyhose collection is both classy yet affordable.
  • Make Sure Your Pantyhose Match Your Shoes
    There’s nothing worse than clashing pantyhose and shoes. If you’re wearing patterned pantyhose, don’t wear patterned shoes, if you’re wearing bright colored pantyhose, as a rule, you don’t usually tend to wear bright colored shoes. Also, wearing open toed shoes with pantyhose that are not sandal-toe also does not look great so try and avoid this too!
  • Avoid Laddering
    Easier said than done, I know. My pantyhose ladder all the time and it is the most frustrating thing. There are plenty of ways to avoid laddering and some of these include: having filed nails and smooth hands, getting the right size pantyhose, having trimmed and filed toenails, pull from the bottom never from the top and use clear nail varnish on small holes or ladders that are not yet able to be seen, or are high enough up to be invisible to anyone but you. Clear nail varnish prevents these holes from getting any bigger - it’s not just an old wives’ tale!