As with any hosiery, pantyhose can be used as a support garment. Bras and spanks’ sole purpose is to give support to the parts of our bodies that we feel need lifting or holding in a bit, particularly at a nice occasion which requires a tight dress or skirt.

While the thin material of pantyhose has always provided some support for our tummies, they always required additional help such as spanks for those of us who desired artificially flat stomachs. This could become very uncomfortable and caused much discomfort and fluster when trying to relieve one’s bladder.

Fortunately, technological advances are helping us once again! Now available are control tops - pantyhose with a spank like design built in. Here is a list of 5 advantages and a guide to buying control top pantyhose:

  • As they are now available in a variety of colors and patterns including nude, you can find a pair for every occasion, particularly black tie.
  • The lengths of the control part of the pantyhose can vary from under breast to buttock, navel to mid thigh or under breast to mid thigh depending on how much support you need.
  • Pantyhose are aggressively coming back into fashion, making it easier than ever to disguise your unshaven legs that make you feel uncomfortable or your slightly bloated tummy all in one.
  • Usually made with stronger material than normal pantyhose, these ones are more resilient to ladders and holes.
  • Now that the design is slightly more mature, a few historical flaws have been ironed out such as the slight discomfort from them being a bit too tight has now been changed to have looser, more comfortable fabric whilst still providing fantastic support.

It is vital to choose the right size of control top pantyhose in order for them to work in the most efficient way.  If you get them too small, you will feel a lot of discomfort when wearing them whilst also running the risk of creating an overhang of skin on top of the pantyhose. If you get pair that are too big, you will not be provided with the support that the control top pantyhose are supposed to give to you.

It can also be difficult finding the right size for you. Following a size chart is more important for control top pantyhose than for normal pantyhose due to the fact that if they do not fit correctly, then they will not work. Our size guide helps solve these issues, ensuring you’ll receive the perfectly fitted pantyhose.