Today we would like to specially dedicate our blog to size 5 hosiery also known as plus size.  Size 5 hosiery should normally fit US dress sizes 12/14+, but please check out our sizing chart for exact information.  All women, no matter what shape or size can now enjoy our amazing products and patterns of our pantyhose!
Recently we implemented new styles of size 5 and created a special search criteria called "Hosiery by size"; this is where you can easily find all pantyhose that are available in your desired size. 

Pictured below are three items that we have in size 5 that will make your legs look longer. The thin line at the back will help to make your legs look longer and slimmer. 

Pictured above: Canella; Parisia; Gladis

In our classic line, more day-to-day hosiery - we have an amazing collection of pantyhose that from 15 to 40 den. They are available in black and natural colors. These will definitely cover your needs for pantyhose suitable for everyday wear! They are also more appropriate for upcoming spring/summer days.

Pictured above: Sandrea, Lili, Nina

Last but not least are our pantyhose that are made of microfiber. Microfiber is very appropriate for those who have itchy legs after wearing classic nylons; these pantyhose are soft and they guarantee great coverage. In size 5 they are available from 40 to 100 den and are more suitable for colder, winter days.

Pictured above: Paula, Roza, Olga

For more and new products always keep an eye on our site! We are working on implementing more size 5 hosiery in the future because we want our women to feel amazing no matter what size or shape they are.