After an amazing start to our business in the USA, we've been listening to your feedback and watching what you are buying.  As a result, we are expanding our style selection to include sexy thigh-high stockings and we have expanded our offerings in our size 4 and size 5 areas of pantyhose and tights.  Also, we've made an improvement to our site which allows sorting by size now to make it easier to view which pantyhose, tights, or thigh highs are available in your size!  

Also, in preparation for summer, we are looking at getting some lighter denier pantyhose (even as low as 8 den!) in stock for our next shipment.  Stay tuned for more updates on that.  We'll continue to look at adding more thigh highs and also further varieties of our famous patterned tights to our collection over the coming months.  

These items have all arrived in our warehouse and will be available for purchase in the next 24 hours!  We are also actively reaching out to several fashion boutiques and engaging with bloggers all across the country, so if you see us out there, that's a good sign! :-)