We thought you'd like to know how to make your great Fiore pantyhose last even longer (or maybe some of your less durable hosiery, too) so we're here to share some tips and tricks:

Type of Hosiery

While better for summer and a more sheer look, lower denier hosiery (<15) are generally more susceptible to runs and snags.  Also keep in mind that reinforced toes can be more durable and might be advisable if you are concerned about this and usually wear closed-toe shoes.

Putting Them On

 A "high risk" time for most hosiery is when they are being put on.  Take this slowly -- roll the leg all the way down to the toe, put them on evenly and ensure that the toe and heel are positioned properly before proceeding up the legs.  Make sure your hands are not dry or rough while putting on hosiery --- if they are, wearing gloves may help to prevent snags or runs.  Make sure to be careful about jewelry (or remove) when putting on hosiery.

Wearing Hosiery

Make sure you select the right size of hosiery as too small can easily tear or stretch, while too large could bunch up or slide down resulting in a less flattering look.  Be careful wearing hosiery with boots or other shoes (or skirts/etc) that contain zippers.  Ensure that the zipper is protected from the the nylons properly as the material may easily run against the metal/plastic of a coarse zipper.  

Washing Hosiery

It is best to wash hosiery soon after taking them off, to prevent the nylon material from drying and hardening.  Washing by hand with a mild detergent is recommended -- in warm water.  Remove rings and jewelry when washing -- fill the sink with warm water and a mild detergent, and place the hosiery inside.  Do not stretch or ring out the hosiery - simple squeeze it, pushing the water and soap into and out of the material.  Rub the material against itself as a form of scrubbing, but lightly.  When done, drain the sink and repeat with warm water and no detergent to rinse.  Do not ring out the hosiery, simply squeeze it to remove excess water.  To dry, it is recommended to place on a towel and roll the towel to remove the water from the hosiery.  From here you may leave it on the towel or hang them over a rack.

If you don't have enough time or patience to wash by hand, and must wash your hosiery in a machine - use a lingerie washing bag to protect your stockings.  Never dry them in a machine.